Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Food Cruiser

Greetings from OLANOLOGY!

First of all, Food Cruiser is not a Cooking Weblog. This is not even the usual Food Blog flooding on the blogosphere where you can find collection of recipes, food reviews and articles of anything particularly tasty. So, if you're looking for delectable recipes and helpful review about a certain restaurant and the like, you cannot find it here.
FOOD CRUISER is about a passion and great love for tasting different good food, delectable delicacies, exotic cuisines savored and experienced during the many memorable travels of Olanology. Traveling is not all about seeing the must-see wonders of every places you visit. Traveling is also about tasting and trying different food and delicacies of these places you visit. Like you, I used to ignore to value of such. But later, I realized that trying every destination's must-try foods/cuisines is like discovering their culture and way of life. Thus, FOOD CRUISER is born - to taste and share its richness and flavors.
Allow me to share my humble collection beautiful photographs of different foods and cuisines  that I have delightfully tried and tasted during the course of my humble journey. Allow me to show to you the gastronomic side of every places I see that truly delighted my palate.
I am not a food writer or a food critic. Spare me the usual food description, I cannot. But let my photos speak for themselves. From there, imagine yourself tasting its flavor, enjoying every single bite you nibble and savor the taste that your imagination creates.

Join my cruise. Enjoy food cruising here at the Food Cruiser.

This is from my plate, to yours!

The Food Cruiser