Thursday, February 10, 2011


The City of Alaminos in the Province of Panganisan is the home of the world renowed Hundred Islands National Park. Along with friends at RTours, my recent weekend trip to the city does not only take me to the Hundred Islands but also to experience another tummy treat that I certainly concluded "Tatak Alaminos".

Longganisang Alaminos


The Philippines is amongst the few countries known for tasty and savoury Longaniza - these are version of sausages flavoured with indigenous spices and condiments stuffed inside pig intestines as casing. Each region has its own specialty. Some are garlicky flavoured, others are salty and soury. Some are distinctive sweet taste.
Longganisas of Alaminos, Pangasinan are certainly unique. Unlike others, Longganisa Alaminos are prepared distinctively by dividing each piece using toothpicks. It has six pieces in every length. They also use buli grass string for hanging. As of the taste, Longganisa Alaminos is garlicky delectable and sourly sweet - just too perfect for a much needed breakfast.

So when in Alaminos, Pangasinan, never leave the city without trying their famous Longganisa Alaminos. Just too delicious to miss out.

This OLAN, your Food Cruiser, sharing LONGGANISANG ALAMINOS from my plate to yours.


  1. kalami uy... reminds me of something... nyahahahhaa!

  2. @ Orman - Hahaha. :) kaya nga kita tinag. Hahaha. :)

  3. Wow ang sarap nito Sir Olan... :-) Mmmmmm....Makalaway gyud sya... :-)

  4. @ Angie - Tulo laway gyud ni Ange. :) sobra!

  5. ang sarap naman yan... wala ba nagtitinda yan dito sa manila??? yum yum

  6. @ CSSEYAH - Sa Alaminos mo lang tlga to mabibili. :) sarap nga tlga. :)